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Fine Meats

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We think great meats start close to home—locally grown and locally processed, from the farmer’s field to us to you. Discover the fine meats difference!
Bulk beef

Beef - Sides or Quarters

Order today at $5.89/lb, priced on hanging weight. Custom cut to your specifications!

4 Favourites our Customers Love!

Our customers tell us these are some of their favourite Hastings Meat Market products.


Traditional farmer’s style sausage comes in Farmers, Honey Garlic, Maple, Italian and Bratwurst flavours. Smoked sausages are also available.


Our delicious jerky is a perfect, lean-meat snack for on the road or at home. Enjoy nutrition in every bite!


Our bacon is cured using a traditional dry-rub process combined with natural wood smoking. This brings out the best of bacon flavour!

Smoked Pork Chops

Tender and quick and easy to prepare, our pre-cooked, hot-smoked pork chops make the perfect meat meal.

Hastings Meat Market is your source for fine local meat! In addition to our retail meats for local clients and our counter for walk-in customers, we offer abattoir and custom butchering services for beef and pork. We’re located near Stirling, Ontario, in beautiful Hastings County.

Hasting Meat Logo Steak Icon

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The Real Meat Difference

Here’s what makes authentic meats and traditional meat processing unique… In other words, here’s why you’ll love Hastings Meats!


Our meats come from local farmers, eliminating high-stress cross-country trucking and supporting the farmers you trust—your neighbours.

Dry Aging

In an era when most grocery store beef is wet-aged, we dry-age all our beef to give you the best flavor possible.

Custom Processing

We provide the custom cuts and careful process that sets artisans apart from factory-style processing. Not only does this mean you can get what you want the way you want it, it means that we celebrate the art of providing you with premium meats.

"Yes, we do custom butchering."

We offer abattior services, custom butchering and meat processing services for farm and other customers.

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